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The Full Story

Michael Paraskevas

On January 1 of 2022 I took a small 8x8 hardboard canvas, a panel, and I started a project, that at first, was going to last a month. A painting a day for a month. I thought to myself. That’s a nice goal. I’d have 31 small paintings by the end of the month. And all landscape paintings from my sketchbooks from Iowa.


dec 27 2022.jpg
dec 27 2022.jpg

But it wasn’t long into January that I decided that I might be able to keep this up for a year and by the end of 2022 I would have 365 paintings. I would have an exhibit somewhere in 2023.


I’ve always been fascinated with dreaming. Every once in a while I’ll remember some crazy moment from a dream. A large wave… the glimpse of a tornado heading to our house. I would see my mom once in a while and that was nice. Sometimes my mother in law would say hello. She had a great smile.

dec 30 2022.jpg
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