About me


I have a lot of ideas that I've always wanted to paint, but time and animation projects, illustrations...get in the way. I spent most of the last two years staring at my iPad and working on various illustrations, books, comics and animation development projects. I wanted paint the ideas that have filled a ton of notebooks but it didn't seem like a good idea to paint at my normal work size, which is 30x30 or 40x40. I settled on 8x8 smooth gesso panels and I would paint one a day for a year. 

At first I was going to paint one a day for a month. On day four I gave myself the lofty goal of 365 days of painting. A good way to get away from the iPad and use all this paint.

There will be a show somewhere. And I promise to figure out a way to sell these as NFTs. As I write this it's day 21. See you on Day 365.