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About the Comic

Lili is a pint sized, charming Westie, with a big heart whose ego sometimes gets in the way. She tends to think she is best at all she sets out to do, however, this is not always the case. Luckily her friends fix it so she continues to be oblivious to her shortcomings, which usually adds to her comical world.


Derek, Lili’s BFF, whose bite could be worse than his bark, is a mild mannered, loyal German Shepherd enamored with Lili and she knows it. She uses it to her advantage, but he doesn’t mind. 


Sandwiched between Derek and Lili is Meeko, the cat from across the street. He has his own podcast, loves to cook, and rivals Derek for Lili’s attention.


Their most mundane tasks never fail to become an outrageous adventure.

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