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     Michael Paraskevas speaks about his books, television series and career at schools, literary conferences, libraries and book festivals.

What People Are Saying

"It was incredible to meet you and to have you present to the students of our community. Your great sense of humor, patience, beautiful pictures and stories were fun for the children and adults as well. Sharing your creative process with the children allowed an in depth look behind the scenes, and I believe, a great example of what it takes to be an author and illustrator.  It was very special that you shared with the students some of the projects that you are currently working on that aren’t out yet and how sometimes books can be published in nontraditional ways. We are looking forward to getting our very own A Big Slice of Pie soon. Allowing us a peak into your sketch books gave us a wonderful example of how your creations come to life. Thank you Mr. Paraskevas for sharing your stories and art with us, you are an ideal role model for all of our young aspiring authors and illustrators."


I look forward to getting myself a piece of pie and a book soon. Again thank you for sharing with our students, you were wonderful.


Josh Perry

Head Youth Services Librarian

Hampton Library in Bridgehampton

P.O. Box 3025

Bridgehampton, NY 11932

For Schools and Libraries: In-Person Visits

     Michael, or Mickey, as most people know him, visits schools and libraries, speaking to kindergartners on up. Through images and animation, Mickey’s delightful presentations highlight his career in books, television, illustration and character design.

     For school visits, Michael makes up to 3 forty-five minute presentations per day for $2,000, plus travel and accommodation expenses.

For more details on appearances and to check availability, please contact Michael directly at or 516-848-3553.


  • Large drawing pad and easel

  • Digital projector with speakers

  • Microphone

Mickey will sign copies of his books.

Author and Illustrator Michael Paraskevas!
For K to 6th Grade


Through childhood drawings and photos, illustration and animation, this inspiring presentation connects the dots from Michael’s childhood to a 30-year career in children’s publishing, illustration, television and animation design, showing kids that the key to writing and drawing is careful observation of life. He will discuss his most recent works, Mr. Moon, Taffy Saltwater and A Big Slice of Pie.

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

For K to 6th Grade

From a scribbled sketch on a cheap piece of paper to a full-fledged animated series on Nickelodeon, Michael will explain the path for this successful animated series. He will also discuss Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse (PBS) and The Kids from Room 402 (Fox Family) and where ideas come from and how the path to a finished project often changes along the way.

Q & A With Michael Paraskevas
For K to 6th Grade
Michael will visit with small groups of students over a 45-minute period answering any questions they may have about his work. 

For Schools and Libraries: Virtual Visits

A live half hour video chat with Michael is the next best thing to an in-person visit!
Michael will make up to 3 virtual visits a day: $350 for one, $500 for two and $750 for three.

A Virtual Visit With Michael Paraskevas

For K to 6th Grade
Michael visits with students right in his studio/home where he shows sketches, reads one of his books and answers prepared questions from students.

For Conferences

Michael speaks to adults about his career and work at a variety of professional conferences and book festivals.

Maggie and the birth of Nowhere Land

In this presentation, Michael reveals the inspiration and backstory behind his most popular character and picture book, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. He delves into the preliminary materials used in the creation of the book and how the animated series was developed with Nick Jr. 

How Michael Works.

How do you create a memorable children’s book or animated character? Go behind the scenes with picture book author and illustrator and TV producer Michael Paraskevas to see how he creates his unforgettable picture book and TV characters. He also shares tips on how to draw on your own life, stretch your imagination, and create something original. He will discuss his illustration and fine art and how it feeds into his animation and writing. He will also discuss his 30 years of cartooning at Dan’s Papers, a Hamptons Newspaper institution.


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