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I’m Taffy Saltwater and I live in my Sand Castle by the Sea that I built with my friends! It’s on my favorite stretch of land, Saltwater Beach. It’s a place where the sun shines, the sky is bright blue and the sand shimmers like diamond dust.


Everyday is a spectacular beach day here at Saltwater beach! The hours are filled with surprises and amazing 



I love chasing waves… finding buried treasure… counting stars and grains of sand… designing sun hats (I have seven thousand)… eating frozen blueberries (they are good for your brain)… peeling grapes with my teeth… hugging my best friend Rigby when he feels needy. There are as many things to love as there are drops of water in the deep blue Sea.


The best things about Saltwater Beach are all the crazy friends I have here! I mean CRAZY: Balloon Guy, Wild Co-co Knutt Man, Marina Blue the Crab in high heels, Frogboy, Nano and Tolar the Polar Bear Twins that run the Surf Shop … well you’ll see, Leapin’ Ladybugs… I always say that, let me show you Saltwater Beach and introduce you to all my friends! 

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