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Michael Paraskevas

Michael Paraskevas has been an illustrator since graduating from The School of Visual Arts in 1984. He then went on to receive his MFA from SVA in 1986. He’s worked for most major magazines including Sports Illustrated, Time, Town & Country, New York Magazine and Rolling Stone, to name but a few.


Michael Paraskevas has also illustrated and written 24 children’s books over the years with his mother, Betty. The two went on to create and write the animated television series Maggie and the Ferocious Beast for Nickelodeon. Two of their other books were also made into animated series: Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse for PBS and Kids from Room 402 for Fox Family. Betty passed away in 2010 and Mickey continues to work on animated projects for a variety of companies.


His large-scale beach paintings have sold all over the world through his gallery in the Hamptons where he has lived and called home for the last 30 years.


Michael Paraskevas works in acrylic, oil, watercolor or whatever the mood suits him at the moment. He also works digitally since the demands of the current illustration market requires quickness and the ability to change things at the last minute.


Michael is always working on something. He and his wife, Maria, are currently writing and designing a new animated series for prime time. He keeps a wide variety of sketchbooks from all the events he attends. There is always something going on at Paraskevas Studios.


Creator and Writer/ Executive Producer


The Tangerine Bear Christmas Special ABC

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast NickJr

Kids from Room 402 Fox Kids

Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse PBS


Currently Running Comic

Lili and Derek (6 days a week)

The Green Monkeys (weekly)


Children's Books

Taffy Saltwater (Random House)

Mr. Moon  (Crown Books)


Children's Books with Maria Bruno

Lili and Derek


Children's Books with Sarah Maizes

On My Way to Bed

On My Way to School

On my way to the Bath


Children's Books with Betty Paraskevas


The Tangerine Bear

Monster Beach

Kids from Room 402

The Ferocious Beast

Junior Kroll

Junior Kroll and Company

A Very Kroll Christmas

The Strawberry Dog

Hoppy and Joe

On the Edge of the Sea

Nibble O'Hare

Chocolate at the Four Seasons

Jerolemon Street

Peter Pepper's Pet Spectacular

Cecil Bunions and the Midnight Train


The Big Carrot (A Ferocious Beast Book)

The Big Scare (A Ferocious Beast Book)

Around the World with Junior Kroll

Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse


Development Deals

The Green Monkeys (Disney, Paramont, Nickelodeon Films)

Peter Pepper (Nelvana)

Jerolemon Street (Nelvana)

Leo Spats Ratcatcher (Fox Feature Animation, Paraskevas Studios)

Taffy Saltwater (CCI, Saban, Warner Bros.)

Cricket and Wren (Paraskevas Studios with Tomato Queen Productions)

Lili and Derek (Paraskevas Studios with Tomato Queen Productions)

Joke-ology (Disney)



Future Books


Open the Door

Cricket and Wren

Monsters Under

Squeaks and Sniffles




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