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Hi, My name is Cricket. That’s me!


My real name is Priscilla, named after my Grandmother. People say I’m like a cricket, always chirping, chirping, chirping. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I’m seven years old. Gramps tells me I’m small for my age but I have big city smarts. And he’s right!!! Cause I live in the city. BUT… we’re going to spend the summer on Gramps’ Farm.


My Gramps is a farmer. He tells my brother, Wren, and me his farm is magical. Spend time there. You’ll see.


Wren is my twin brother. He’s more of a science kind of kid who has a very short attention span. He’s into bugs, dirt, rockets, and more dirt.


Back to ME! I love the bright lights and fast pace of the city. I love going to the theater and having tea at that fancy hotel. City life is what I am use to.


I knew nothing about a farm. Eggs come from carton and milk comes out of the refrigerator. Little did I know… I get my vegetables from a grocery store or better yet in a restaurant. A French restaurant.

All I knew was a penthouse was not a hen house.


Mom insisted we spend the summer on the farm. What about my shoes? My dress would get filthy.


I was perfectly content to have my feet planted firmly on the sidewalk.

The Farm?


I thought I would miss the excitement of the city, but I quickly changed my way of thinking. I was so wrong.


Gramps is correct. The farm is magical.


Who would have thought a flying teacup pig would be my best friend.

Who would have thought I’d teach a cow to sing. With a little practice she was quite Mooooo-sical.

Who would have thought I’d be shrunk down to the size of a bumblebee to see the farm from a bugs eye view, and end up becoming the Queen Bee.

Dancing Sun Flower Flash Mob? Peculiar, you think?


My Gramps says, “Can’t tell what the day will bring.” And he was right.

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